Liquidity Provision

We believe in long-term alignment of interest with our crypto community partners.

photo by Charuka Herath

Our Approach

Qualitative Factors

We have worked with many teams and understand the frustrations surrounding token liquidity management. We also understand that the crypto ecosystem is different from traditional financial markets because the qualitative factors surrounding the community can have large impacts on liquidity and volumes. We work more closely with the projects to get a better understanding of the community dynamics to better anticipate and manage token liquidity.


We create realistic, yet ambitious KPIs to meet your liquidity goals - spread, depth, volumes, etc. Transparency of our performance is a promise we make to our clients and partners, through accurate and detailed reporting.

Experienced Team

While the general objective is maintaining healthy liquidity, we believe that every situation and every client requires a tailored solution. Our diverse experience in quantitative trading in traditional and crypto markets across the globe gives us the ability to create customized plans.

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