Paradigm of Innovation Powered by the Blockchain

Blockchain is a powerful enabler of financial products, which opens the door to a new realm of fintech products. Synergies can be realized when traditional finance expertise and quantitative research are coupled with blockchain technologies.

What we do

At UFI, we develop and research products and solutions that help create value by incorporating technologies and that have not been available before the advent of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

photo by Crawford Jolly
photo by Matteo Vistocco

How we work

We work as a team. Everyone at UFI has unique skill sets and strengths that contribute to our businesses. The interest of our clients and customers are top priority. This mentality ensures our success for the long term.

Our Strength


Blockchain technology is the foundation that enables and powers crypto ecosystems and services


Financial expertise and experience serves as the backbone for connecting blockchain and fintech


Fintech is the effective application of blockchain technology to financial products and services