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Industry leading crypto reward rates in one convenient app

Earning crypto should be simple

Vision of mass adoption

At UFI, we want crypto to be ubiquitous. For that to become a reality, crypto finance needs to be simple. That’s why we created the GROW app. It all starts with just holding crypto, so we wanted users to earn some more crypto while they held.

Using our core strengths

We took our team’s quantitative trading experience and coupled it with our fintech development expertise to create a sleek modern looking mobile app, powered by our research driven quantitative trading power. Finally, our pedigrees from traditional finance at bulge bracket firms, allowed us to implement institutional grade risk management systems.

Users first

Understanding the needs of users and communities helped the GROW app gain traction fast. There have been over 5.8 million reward distributions made since inception, and not a single missed payment or withdrawal rejection.

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