Make Crypto Simple

We envision societies in which cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technology based assets are ubiquitous in financial markets.

Quantitative trading and research

Our extensive experience in the blockchain space combined with our deep technical backgrounds allows us to lead the industry with better products and solutions.

Liquidity provision

With global token listings, it can be a challenging for foundations and projects to manage or maintain healthy liquidity for tokens. Let our seasoned team give your project the customized liquidity solution that you deserve.

Earn more crypto

Earning crypto should be easy for users. With our team’s experience in traditional finance markets, quantitative trading, and blockchain, we can help users earn attractive rates while they hold crypto assets.

Your Partner
in Crypto Finance

The crypto and blockchain industry is evolving fast. Let UFI help you provide better services and products for your customers or crypto community. Contact us to discuss how we can collaborate.

photo by Kit Suman

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